The four partner organizations are intended to serve as places where women can come together for leadership training, strategizing, researching and sharing of best practices across the region. Through periodic convening of the organizations and inputs from leading international consultants and experts, the program is strengthening the knowledge base of the partner organizations on thematic issues that affect women with constant reflection on global and regional trends. It is building their skills to facilitate the exercise of women’s leadership with their various constituents around these key issues. In addition, the program is providing a virtual space, using state of the art technology, for sharing of experiences, research, strategizing and networking that the organizations can better collaborate to amplify their common concerns.

Akina Mama wa Afrika

Established in 1985, Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) is a network of young African women devoted to building leadership capacities through professional support, advice, sharing information and expertise. Among its many activities, AMwA undertakes formal training sessions, lectures, inter-generational dialogues, simultaneous workshops, and team building across Africa.

Its main partners are Hivos, Ford Foundation (Eastern Africa), Ford Foundation (New York), Sigrid Rausing Trust, The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), The Baring Foundation and others.


Rwanda Women’s Network

Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN) is a non-governmental organization established in 1997. It is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the socio-economic welfare of women in Rwanda. RWN works with various local and international partners to build women leaders capacities. It coordinates a network of over 50 grassroots associations across the Rwanda.


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Established in 1997 with support from ACTIONAID, WISE has been working with poor self-employed women in their effort to achieve self-reliance, exercise their rights and improve the quality of their lives. WISE has trained over 35,000 women and men across Ethiopia in:

  • Entrepreneurship/business skills
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Health education
  • Self development

Its main partners are Action Aid Ethiopia, Concern Ethiopia, Mercy Corps, Trocaire, MEDA, UNFPA, Cordaid, Leger Foundation, IIE and ILO.


Young Women’s Leadership Institute

The Young Women’s Leadership Institute (YWLI) is a feminist organization founded in May 1999 to create space for young women to express their views and articulate their vision for a women's rights agenda. The YWLI training program aims at inculcating a feminist leadership culture among young women, by overcoming stereotypes, building self-confidence and acquiring personal leadership skills from a young age.

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