Q. What will I need in order to apply?

A. Please see our application instructions page for information on applying. It includes a list of items you will need to upload into the online application system. All students applying from U.S. institutions MUST apply online through IIE using the Embark application program.

In addition to providing responses to the online application questions, you will be asked to upload the following items to the Embark application:

  • Unofficial copies of your transcripts which you will upload to the online application (in addition to the official transcripts you will be required to order and have sent to IIE's offices in New York.)
  • A copy of your HSK score (optional for the Research Ph.D. Fellowship, required for the Ph.D. in China Fellowship.)
  • A copy of your GRE score
  • A letter from your prospective first-choice host university inviting you to apply to conduct research should you be offered a grant.
  • A copy of your CV, including a list of any publications.
  • An abstract of your master's thesis (Ph.D. in China Fellowship applicants ONLY)

In addition, you will be required to mail official hard-copies of transcripts from all degree-granting institutions. These must be received by the application deadline, not postmarked, and should be sent to:

ATTN: Steven Dale, Program Officer
U.S. Student Programs
CCSP Fellowships
809 UN Plaza
New York, NY, 10017
Phone: 1-212-984-5346

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Q. Are all sections and questions in the Embark application required?

A. Not all questions and materials listed in the Embark application are required. For a list of a questions and sections that can be disregarded, please review the "how to apply" tab on this page.

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Q. How many recommenders do I need?

A. You will need three recommenders, two of whom will address your academic potential and your ability to conduct research in your field, one of whom will be a language reference. Your recommenders MUST submit their recommendations online, and no hardcopy forms are required or will be accepted.

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Q. Whom should I choose as my recommenders?

A. You should select references who are able to address your academic potential, and your suitability for conducting research at the graduate level. Personal references will not serve this purpose, and will not be considered when assessing your application. Your language reference must be able to address your Mandarin Chinese language ability, particularly your ability to conduct dissertation research in China. We suggest that you choose as your language reference an individual who has taught Chinese at the highest level you have completed. Please remember to secure your recommenders' permission, and give them adequate notice before registering them online.

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Q. Are my recommenders able to submit hard copy recommendation letters, or can they mail in hard copy forms?

A. Your recommendations MUST be submitted online through the Embark application system. When registering your recommenders, you will be asked in input their email address. They will then receive notification with detailed instructions on how to complete their reference online.

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Q. Is the GRE required?

A. Yes, please provide your GRE scores when completing the Embark online application. You will also be required to upload a copy of your GRE score report into the Embark application system, and instructions for doing so are provided in the application itself. Unofficial score reports are acceptable. However, please note that if your GRE score appears on your official graduate school transcripts, you will not need to upload the score report.

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Q. Is the HSK required?

A. The HSK is required for the Ph.D. in China Fellowship, and recommended for the Research Ph.D. Fellowship. The HSK website provides registration information. If you are submitting HSK scores, please input your score under "other tests" when completing the Embark online application, but not that you may disregard the question asking you to indicate your percentile ranking for the HSK. If you submit your HSK scores, you will also be required to upload a copy of your HSK score report. Applicants must confirm their prospective host university's minimum required HSK score. Most will require a minimum score of 5, while some may require a higher score.

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Q. I am only able to take the HSK in January, and scores will not be available until after the application deadline. May I still submit my score after the deadline has passed?

A. We will accept HSK scores for a limited period of time following the application deadline. For specific details, please email Steven Dale at sdale@iie.org

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Q. Why do I need to indicate where I attended high school/secondary school? Do you need my high school transcripts?

A. You do not need to provide us with any records from your high school/secondary school. However, because one of the central goals of this award is to promote multi-cultural and inter-cultural exchange, we do ask that you indicate where you attended high school/secondary school. Students of Chinese heritage, who are not citizens of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macau, are welcome to apply, however, individuals who were raised and attended high school in these regions, regardless of citizenship, will be less competitive applicants.

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Q. How will I apply to my host institution in China?

A. With the exception of students applying to PKU, your application through Embark will serve as your application for your host institution in China. If you are required to submit any additional paperwork for your host institution, we will contact you directly.

Students applying to PKU must submit a , in addition to the required Embark online application. The International Students Division at PKU has provided valuable information that all PKU applicants should review.

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Q. My first choice institution is Peking University. How do I apply?

A. Students applying to PKU must submit an additional separate application online through PKU's website, in addition to the required Embark online application. Applicants are responsible for meeting PKU's deadline for submitting this application, which may differ from IIE's deadline.

In addition, PKU's International Students Division has provided valuable information that all PKU applicants should review.

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Q. If I apply before the deadline, will I be notified earlier? Is it advantageous for me to apply early?

A. The applications are not on a rolling basis. There is no priority given to applicants submitting applications before the deadline, nor are such applicants at an advantage. All applications are considered after the deadline. We therefore strongly urge you to take your time in preparing your application, rather than rushing to submit early.

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Q. I have additional documents I would like to submit (publications, further recommendation letters, reference letters, etc.) How can I submit these items?

A. Please only submit the required documents. The information we are requesting represents all the necessary data for assessing your application.

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Q. One of my academic recommendation letter writers is a native Chinese speaker. Is it acceptable for her/him to submit my language evaluation?

A. Language evaluations should ideally be submitted by language instructors. It is recommended that you reach out to either past instructors, if they are available, or to the language instructors at your home university to ask if they will submit your language evaluation. However, if you are unable to obtain a language evaluation from a Chinese language instructor, it will be acceptable for you to request this evaluation from one of your academic recommendation writers, provided this individual has the ability to sufficiently assess your Chinese language capabilities .

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