IIE has partnered with the Population Council in Ethiopia to conduct research on the impact of this program. The research includes a comparative study between program participants and non-program participants. The study also includes pre- and post- program surveys on issues such as leadership, relationships, knowledge and practices on a variety of health issues, especially reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, and educational outcomes.

Impacts to date include:

  • Universities have improved services for young women, including establishing better library and study facilities, reproductive health service delivery and counseling.
  • Only two young women have dropped out of university from the selected participants since the program’s inception.
  • Women have gone from being too shy to speak in the classroom to being confident public speakers. Three graduates from last year’s program have become assistant lecturers at the university level.
  • University gender officers and their staff have become stronger advocates for women and have gained credibility in the universities among female students.
  • There is a high level of support from university administrators including a commitment for sustainability.