Sponsored by the Freeman Foundation and administered by the Institute of International Education, the Freeman Indonesia Nonprofit Internship Program (FINIP) was launched in November 2009. The first group of interns was selected to participate in the Summer 2010 program.

The Freeman Indonesia Nonprofit Internship Program addresses several challenges:

  1. A general lack of knowledge or appreciation among Indonesian students about the nonprofit sector, despite its increasingly important role and potential to address societal problems and advance human development.
  2. Limited understanding and exposure of U.S. students to Indonesia, despite the increasing importance of the country globally and the need for deeper engagement by America's future leaders in its peaceful development, an outcome aided by the active engagement of the nonprofit sector.

Despite these challenges, the current environment presents a number of exciting opportunities for progress and improvement. The nonprofit sector in Indonesia is experiencing significant, rapid growth, while students in the U.S. and around the world are increasingly turning towards community engagement to explore opportunities for service learning.

The Freeman Indonesia Nonprofit Internship Program is a unique opportunity to build upon these various factors to strengthen the leadership of Indonesia's future nonprofits and deepen ties between America and Indonesia. The shared experience of collaborating to assist a local Indonesian nonprofit will be a powerful learning experience and a vehicle to deepen cross-cultural understanding, building ongoing friendships and shared interests in the nonprofit sector, both in the U.S. and Indonesia.

***The FINIP Program will not be offered in Summer 2012. We hope to offer the program in the future.***