Potential applicants should:
1. Meet with their campus Study Abroad Advisers to obtain support for their FINIP applications.

2. Complete the on-line FINIP application prior to the application deadline.

3. Follow up with their Study Abroad Adviser to ensure that the adviser has received their FINIP Application Nomination Request E-mail.

4. Check with the Study Abroad Adviser to ensure that the on-line nomination of their FINIP application has been submitted to IIE by the application deadline.

Please read the following instructions carefully before starting

your application. You may wish to print these instructions and refer to

them as you proceed through the application process.

You should schedule a meeting with your Study Abroad Adviser to go over the details of your internship plan and your FINIP application at least two weeks prior to the application deadline.

Step 1: Determining Eligibility

1. Click on "Online Application” and select "New Applicant" to proceed.

2. You will be prompted with the "Applicant Eligibility Screening Page" and will be asked to answer questions in order to determine your eligibility.

  • If you are determined ineligible, you will not be allowed to proceed to the application and should refer to the eligibility page for clarification.
  • If you are determined eligible, you will be taken to a screen to create an account with a login ID/e-mail and an individual password. Please note that your adviser will use this same login ID/e-mail and password to access your on-line application for review and nomination. For future reference, please write down your id and password.

Step 2: Completing the Online Application

1. Once you enter your login and password information, you will be able to access the FINIP application by clicking on the "Begin Application" button. (Please note, if you already have created an account, you must login as a Returning Applicant to access your saved application.)

2. Complete the Student Form of the application. Please note that although you can save your work by clicking on the "Save & Proceed" button at the end of each page, you must complete all required fields before proceeding to the next page. Be prepared to provide and complete the following information:

Page 1:

  • Applicant personal data and contact information.

Page 2:

  • Applicant education information.
  • The name and contact information of the Study Abroad Adviser with whom you have met or will meet and who will be reviewing and nominating your FINIP application. Study Abroad Advisers are the individuals employed by your home institution who are specifically responsible for advising students about their study abroad options. They can generally be found in the Study Abroad/International Programs/Education Abroad/Off-campus Study office on your campus. If you do not have such an office or person on your campus, please e-mail finip@iie.org for further instructions.

Page 3:

  • Indonesian Students: Information about your U.S. visa and I-20/DS2019.
  • U.S. Students: A summary of any previous travel to Indonesia and/or Asia.
  • U.S. Students: A description of your background in Asian Languages and Asian Studies, including academic course work and/or independent study.

Page 4:

  • Information about your employment, internship, and volunteer experiences.
  • Information about your leadership experience and extracurricular activities.
  • Your placement interests: Your first and second preference for the fields in which you are interested in being placed for your internship. Field options are listed under "Internship Placement Interests". Applicants may select "Other" and specify other fields of interests not listed.
  • A Personal Statement explaining your motivation for pursuing a nonprofit internship in Indonesia in the selected fields of interest.
  • Academic/Professional Development Essay describing how your experience will contribute to your academic and/or career goals.
  • A Campus Outreach Proposal describing how you plan to share your experiences with students and others on your campus upon your return to the U.S.

For the Personal Statement, Academic/Professional Development Essay and the Campus Outreach Proposal, it is highly recommended that you compose and save these statements in a word processing program. These statements can be copied and pasted directly into the application. Each statement cannot exceed 2,000 characters with spaces.

Step 3: Application Submission

1. Once you are certain that all of the information is accurate and that the application is complete, certify your application by agreeing to the conditions stated on your application and click on the "Submit" button. (Please note, once you agree to submit your application, your application will be forwarded to your Study Abroad Adviser for review and nomination. No further edits will be allowed and you will not be able to retrieve your application for updates.) If you are unable to finish the application and need to return to it later, you can save your work online by clicking on the "Save & Proceed" button at the end of each page.

2. After your application is submitted, please print a copy of your application for your records. You will receive an e-mail notification confirming your submission. Your application automatically will be forwarded to your Study Abroad Adviser with your id and password for application access and on-line application review and nomination.

3. You MUST follow-up with your Study Abroad Adviser immediately after the submission of your FINIP application and provide him/her with any information that he/she will need in order to approve and nominate your FINIP application. It is your responsibility to make sure that the nomination of your FINIP application by your Study Abroad Adviser is received by the Institute of International Education (IIE) by the application deadline. We must receive both the student application and the adviser nomination by the application deadline in order for your application to be considered complete.

It is highly recommended that applicants complete the application at least one week prior to the deadline to avoid problems due to technical difficulties, adviser absences, listing the incorrect adviser or adviser e-mail address, etc.

If you have any questions about the application process, please e-mail: finip@iie.org