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The Global E3 Program is a consortium-based exchanged program for undergraduate engineering students to study abroad and carry out internships worldwide.

The below page describes membership in the consortium that currently includes (but is not limited to) universities in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the U.S. This consortium is administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE), and is collectively known as the "Global E3 Consortium".

Interested in joining Global E3? Please contact Sylvia Jons at to indicate interest. Next, fill out and send a completed Prospective Member Application Form (PDF)

Application Process

The applications for the Global E3 program is a two-step process. First, the Global E3 Executive Committee will review your completed Prospective Member Application Form (PDF). After this review (typically within 3 months), prospective members will be notified whether they can move forward and complete a full application. The full application will be reviewed by the Executive Committee for membership consideration. The entire process can take up to six months from Prospective Member Information Form submission to final selection. Please return the form and all supplementary materials electronically to the email address on the last page of the application. 

Criteria for Global E3 Consortium Membership

  • Program quality (to include ABET accreditation or national/regional/professional equivalent) and international reputation. 
  • Diversified undergraduate engineering curricula able to accommodate students from various areas of engineering. 
  • A sufficient number of undergraduate engineering courses taught in English, ensuring incoming students of at least 4-5 relevant courses per semester in a range of engineering areas. 
  • Availability of information in advance on the engineering courses (topics, level, syllabi and scheduling), especially those taught in English. 
  • Demonstrated record of successful student exchanges, including a reference from a current bilateral partner. 
  • The ability to accept students from a wide range of countries. 
  • A 24/7 institutional emergency contact in case of a true emergency and information on the institution’s Emergency Safety and Security Plan, available upon request. (Note: the phone number of the local police department will not suffice but campus police/security is acceptable.)
  • Availability of or assistance with housing for incoming students. 

Desirable but not required:

  • Availability/assistance with internship placement.
  • Scholarships for international students.
  • Pre-semester course offerings in engineering, or short-course offerings at other times of year that could be included in the Global E3 program exchange.

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