IIE Odyssey Scholarship

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The IIE Odyssey Scholarship serves as an emergency response mechanism through access to higher education. For many refugee and displaced students, education is the path to a brighter future; scholarships offer hope and opportunity in a time of deep uncertainty. The program provides talented refugee and displaced students a comprehensive undergraduate scholarship package, including financial support and advising services.

The main components of implementing the IIE Odyssey Scholarship include:

  • Working with reputable refugee-serving organizations to quickly identify motivated and qualified students who have recently fled their homeland and have been relocated in another country. In cases like Afghanistan, We are also monitoring the situation to determine if and how students might leave the country in the coming months and, if so, how we might support them.

  • Mobilizing IIE’s global network of over 1,000 universities to secure commitments from host institutions to provide generous additional contributions in the form of tuition waivers and other direct support, such as housing.

  • Providing financial assistance through the entire duration of a two- to four-year undergraduate or postgraduate degree so that students can successfully begin and complete their degree program. With university support, we are committed to meeting the full financial needs of the students we support.

  • Offering ongoing advising services that refugee and displaced students need to succeed, guiding them to access the resources and tools that will help them succeed in their competitive academic programs and facilitate their cultural and practical adjustments to their host university.

  • Creating a community of support by engaging students in programming beyond the classroom that will strengthen their connection to one another and their community.