Working in partnership with the Government of Tanzania (GOT), USAID/Tanzania provides technical assistance to Tanzania’s public and private sector institutions through the Tanzania Participant Training Program (PTP). The Joint Country Action Plan, part of the U.S. Partnership for Growth, supports Tanzania’s continued development through its commitment to address barriers to growth across Tanzanian institutions. These key national plans will be most successful if Tanzania’s government, civil society and private-sector leaders are able to receive high-level, targeted technical assistance and training. USAID/Tanzania has renewed its commitment to invest in long-term leadership and institutional capacity development opportunities, providing support for research and training to increase Tanzania’s human and institutional capacity development.

PTP is a five-year program supporting USAID programming across four priority sectors – democracy and governance, education, health, and natural resource management – to achieve their objectives by providing flexible, customized participant training and capacity development. Through short-term training, Tanzanian professionals in all sectors develop the skills and knowledge to lead the capacity development process, which will lead to improved performance at Tanzanian institutions. The program champions activities within core sectors that will strengthen the partnership between Tanzanian and U.S. institutions, thereby directly contributing both to USAID/Tanzania’s efforts to strengthen Tanzania’s resource base and the GOT’s development goals. The services offered under PTP are applicable to all USAID programs and can be used as a model to scale-up training activities to involve all areas of focus and the full range of target participants.

Program Duration

July 2014 through July 2019

Training Length


For more information, contact David Simpson, USAID Participant Training Lead, at DSimpson@iie.org.