Waha Oil Scholarship Program

Waha Oil Company is a major Libyan national oil company engaged in the field of oil and gas production. The Waha Oil Scholarship Program was first administered by IIE in the 1970’s, and the program was subsequently relaunched running from 2007 through 2011. The purpose of this award was to enable qualified full-time Waha Oil employees with the opportunity to pursue full time non-degree studies in the United States with the objective of developing and enhancing their areas of professional expertise with the ultimate goal of enhancing the workforce of the Libyan oil industry.

The recipients of the grant were provided with intensive English language training in addition to non-degree coursework in various STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields connected to the oil sector for a total period of twelve months. Following completion of the program, the recipients of this award were required to return to Libya to resume their positions at Waha Oil.

The Waha Oil Scholarship provided a living allowance, payment of academic tuition and fees, intensive English language training, a book allowance, insurance coverage, international travel, and J-1 visa sponsorship through IIE.