Budapest - Washington DC Internship Program for Social Entrepreneurship

Project Team: Marton Aichelburg (Hungary), Gregory Hill (US), Amy Lazarus (US), Brigitta Stumpf (Hungary), Bela Kuslits (Hungary)

Project Overview: The goal of the program is to provide promising future leaders of Hungarian society an opportunity to get acquainted with the workings of leading Washington-based NGOs and motivate them for public service in CEE as well as to build closer relations in the US in their professional areas of expertise, thereby enhancing the adaptation of latest models of social innovation for the CEE nonprofit sector upon their return.

Engaging American and Central European Young Leaders Online and Offline via the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network

Project Team: David Kirk (US)

Project Overview: In 2011 the Atlantic Council of the United States, in partnership with the Ecologic Institute (Berlin), is launching the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy network (ELEEP). This network will connect young leaders in the United States and European Union in an online forum to exchange best practices, share ideas, and work towards fostering a transatlantic approach towards a sustainable future.

Promoting Civil-Military Cooperation for Peace and Conflict Resolution

Project Team: Ugne Petrauskaite (Lithuania), Vanessa Vasquez (US), Rok Zupancic (Slovenia), Jani Arajs (Latvia), Aleksandr Dusman (Estonia), Lina Nefaite (Lithuania), Asta Rinkeviciute (Lithuania)

Project Overview: The overall objective of this project is creating dialogue between Central and Eastern European nations and the US to learn best practices of dealing with challenges and thus to promote a more effective civil‐military cooperation for peace.

The Transatlantic Challenge: Harnessing Social Media for International Investigations

Project Team: J.R. deLara (US), Steven Miller (US), Britney Bear (US), Jana Kostrabova (Slovakia), Sebastian Majcher (Poland), Alex Metelitsa (US), Steven Miller (US), John Pino (US), Benjamin Schulte (US), Teodora Simionel (Romania), Matthew Stenberg (US), Johan Duvdahl (Sweden), Eero Wahlstedt (Finland)

Project Overview: The project will help determine how social media can be used in a simulated international law enforcement or intelligence investigation.

Promoting Diversity Through Video

Project Team: Iva Pikalova (Czech Republic)

Project Overview: This project is designed for children in primary and secondary school in both the United States and Czech Republic. These children will have the opportunity to show via video how tolerance and diversity works in their classrooms. By submitting their video to the video award competition the children will win interesting prizes and at the same time promote tolerance and diversity on the web page created for the competition.

"What is Europe?" / "Who's in Europe?" / "Defining Europe"

Project Team: Sebastian Majcher (Poland), J.R. deLara (US), Matthew Stenberg (US)

Project Overview: Continued cooperation and dialogue is among the very goals of this web‐based project. Once established, it is hoped that the map can be used as a discussion tool for students of sociology, politics, and history to encourage critical thinking about European identity. Such a tool can be valuable to students on either side of the Atlantic. What is more, people on the website might exchange information about their own projects to build a network of scholars on the issue. There are very few chances now for students from Europe to interact with students from the United States. Our website might help to change that situation and create a new platform for both contact and interaction.