2007 International Awards Gala

November 1, 2017 September 26, 2007

The Institute of International Education’s 2007 Gala, held on September 26, 2007 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, highlighted the positive impact that IIE’s international exchange programs have on our world.  From AIG scholarship programs to Fulbright to the Scholar Rescue Fund, international education is essential to making our world a better place. 

That night, IIE was pleased to present the Opening Minds Corporate Leadership Award to Martin J. Sullivan and American International Group, Inc, for their outstanding commitment to global philanthropy and dedication to providing higher education scholarships worldwide.  IIE also presented the Humanitarian Award for International Corporation to Stanley Fink for his contribution to the “Save-a-Scholar” campaign and in recognition of his partnership with IIE to endow the first International Chair of the Scholar Rescue Fund in his name.

The Fritz Redlich Award, which recognizes alumni of IIE and IIE-administered programs who contribute innovative ideas, valuable knowledge and dedication to the cause of mutual understanding and international cooperation, was presented to Fulbright alumna Renee Fleming, in recognition of honor of her distinguished career as an artist, composer, and educator.