2010 Haiti Urban Development and Reconstruction

November 1, 2017 July 28, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, July 29, 2010 —The Institute of International Education and the International Visitor Leadership Program, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State, hosted ten Haitian Engineers, Environmental Developers and Community Organizers to the Bay Area for the special event “Haiti Sustainable Urban Development and Reconstruction.”

Attendees examined approaches to urban environmental planning challenges, reviewed policies on environmental issues that affect urban communities, and shared their personal experiences and knowledge in an open and lively discussion with IIE West Coast Center members and friends. Participants spoke about Haiti’s current state of development, various efforts both nationally and internationally to help rebuild Haiti, and obstacles that they have encountered during the rebuilding process, such as supplies/aid sent from international sources being held in customs for long periods of time. The group also addressed some of the political issues that have surfaced during the rebuilding process, including the roles of nonprofit aid and government aid in development.

Haiti Sustainable Urban Development and Reconstruction

Welcome Remarks

Mr. Alexandre Miot
Process Engineer, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Plant


Honorable Gerald Jay Sanders

For nearly a decade, Gerald (“Jerry”) Sanders has been the Honorary Cousul for the Republic of Haiti in California working to advance the aspirations of the people of Haiti. Jerry is also a member of the Oxford University faculty and the founder of San Francisco Science™, a global technology development group.


Ms. Elmyre Clervil, Haiti

Ms. Clervil is currently a member of the Association for the Studies and Research of Urban Environment Development in the Caribbean where she has worked on several urban development projects in Haiti and throughout the Caribbean. She has conducted studies on the use of agricultural wastes (sugar cane) for the treatment and purification of polluted water sources and on pharmaceutical products in a partnership between University Quisqueya, Haiti, and University Henri Poincarre, France. 

Mr. Annot Pierre-Louis, Haiti

Mr. Pierre-Louis is a Municipal Engineer, Consultant for the Food for the Poor and Director of Planning and Management for the City of Cap-Haitian.  He has helped the city preserve monuments and buildings, including the three hundred and sixty five palace doors and the Citadelle Laferiere.  He has constructed a high capacity water tank and provided appropriate garbage collection service to manage waste and street trash. 

Other Haiti Delegates in attendance

Mr. Jeremie Charlot, Engineer

Ms. Marie Viviane Dossous, Member, Association des Femmes en Action de Verrettes

Mr. Henry Claude Joseph, Engineer

Mr. Jean Jacques Joseph, Member, Association for the Protection of the Environment

Mr. Evans Menard, Coordinator, SaniFerti Project

Mr. Gerardyr Loudy Pierre, Municipal Engineer

Mr. Serge Semerzier, Coordinator, Urban Development Project

Mr. Vladymir Syprien Marseille, Member, Homogeneous Association of Volunteered Citizen for the Development and the Restoration of the Country (AHCVARP)