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August 16, 2017 August 24, 2017 Facebook Live: @IIEGlobal

New “Globally Mobile Youth” Report

More international students are coming to the United States for high school, often as a pathway to enroll in colleges and universities in the country. Explore the trends and see our projections in the new report, “Globally Mobile Youth: Trends in International Secondary Students in the United States, 2013-2016.”

What does all of this mean for U.S. higher education, and will we see these trends reflected in the forthcoming Open Doors Report 2017? On Thursday, August 24, Christine Farrugia from the IIE Center for Academic Mobility Research and Impact discussed the key findings, its implications for the field and answers viewers’ questions! View the archived video below or at www.facebook.com/iieglobal. @IIEGlobal Office Hours is a live monthly conversation on the latest topics in international higher education; stay tuned for more at Facebook.com/IIEglobal.


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