Growing The American Student in China: Challenges & Opportunities

April 29, 2024 Online
8pm–9:30pm EDT
Songjiang University Town in Shanghai, China

For approximately four decades, education cooperation and student exchanges have been a bedrock element of the Sino-U.S. bilateral relationship. The movement of students and scholars in both directions across the Pacific has proven a powerful enabler to deepen and expand cross cultural understanding within U.S.-China relations. With a strong foundation of educational cooperation between the two countries, many generations of Americans and Chinese have had the opportunity to learn firsthand about one another; through these contacts they have come to better appreciate the history, culture, and evolving sources of dynamism within each society. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in political tensions between the two governments, both young Chinese and Americans, along with their parents, have begun to reconsider the value and utility of these study experiences.

CEAIE and IIE’s working relationship of over three decades has focused on supporting student and scholar mobility between the two countries. To help revitalize and rekindle the interest in both short- and long-term study in China by American students, CEAIE and IIE are hosting this webinar, the latest in a series of events focused on growing the American student cohort in China. This webinar represents a chance for the two organizations to once again work together and share the latest information available to develop an array of new, innovative platforms for attracting current and future generations of students to study in China.


Denis Simon, former Executive Vice Chancellor Duke Kunshan University


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