The Role of Higher Education in Fostering Civic Values

BANGKOK, August 24—IIE team members Jessica Loh and Jonathan Lembright published an article in the Handbook on Internationalisation in Education examining the role of higher education institutions (HEI) in growing global citizens. Their article “The Role of Higher Education in Fostering Civic Values” examined best practices and approaches for HEIs to produce graduates equipped to thrive in an increasingly globalized world.

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Photo: Jessica Loh and Jonathan Lembright, IIE Southeast Asia

Increasingly graduates’ further education or career placements relies on cultural awareness, experiential learning, and practical training. The higher education environment provides “an ideal incubator for the development of global civic literacy and values”, while study abroad and cross-cultural engagement enhance learning these critical skills.

The article highlighted three approaches:

  • A Global Campus like the NYU Global Network University. Rather than offering one study abroad opportunity in their undergraduate experience “the GNU model allows students to pepper their four years with global opportunities” diversifying their experience.
  •  A Multicultural Classroom that intentionally fosters intercultural competencies and attracts international students to enhance global learning.
  • Adapting the Liberal Arts outside the U.S. The article notes that “it is in a nation’s interest” to move from rote memorization education to the liberal arts model that trains the adaptive thinking needed to engage globally.


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