Brazilian University to Offer Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Research


NEW YORK, September 17, 2018 – The University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR) launched the pilot year of the Global Research Fellowship Program, a new initiative designed to expand the institution’s global reach by facilitating the exchange of knowledge across borders. UNIFOR is one of Brazil’s premier institutions, well-regarded nationally for its scientific research. IIE will administer the program, which will enable five Fellows from North American and European universities to conduct collaborative research projects with UNIFOR faculty.

“Focus disciplines for scholarly collaboration include engineering, public health, computer science, and business,” says Dr. Vasco Furtado, UNIFOR’s Director of Research, Development and Innovation. “All are high-priority areas for the city of Fortaleza. Expanding UNIFOR’s research capabilities in these areas will not only further academic inquiry, but also have the potential to address pressing societal needs in Brazil.”

Examples of societal needs that could be addressed through this research collaboration include adapting global business issues – such as sustainability – to the local context, improving diagnosis of infectious diseases common in the local community, and using locally sourced plant materials in nanotechnology.

Fellows will have the opportunity to travel to UNIFOR twice during their year-long fellowship and will receive a monthly grant to continue and complete research from their home institution. Additionally, the program will provide supplemental funds for research and dissemination. The fellowship will culminate in a seminar at UNIFOR in which fellows will have the opportunity to share the results of the research collaboration.

IIE has a long history facilitating scholarly exchange through its work with programs such as the Fulbright Scholar Program, Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program, and the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program which connects academics based in the United States with universities for research fellowships. These programs, like UNIFOR’s Global Research Fellowship Program, contribute to the circulation of knowledge and provide opportunities for scholars to arrive at research-based solutions to societal issues.

UNIFOR has a mission to contribute to the realization of ideals and dreams, forming professionals of excellence and maintaining a commitment to socio-environmental, scientific and cultural development. As the best private higher learning institution in the north and northeast of Brazil, UNIFOR has offered excellent conditions for teaching and learning since its foundation in 1973. With a modern infrastructure, we gladly host students from all over the world. Spread out in an extensive campus of 720 thousand square meters, the University of Fortaleza has auditoriums, a library, a theater, audio-video rooms, laboratories, a sports park, a healthcare center, cultural spaces, a student center, a legal practice office, research centers and different university extension centers.

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