2019 IIE Photo & Impact Story Contest

Impact Story Photo Contest

NEW YORK, September 20, 2019 — Are you a current or past participant of an IIE-managed program? Share with us your best photos along with an impact story! We are seeking photos that show how international exchange connects people and changes lives, careers, and communities around the world for the better. Three winners will receive gift cards worth $300, $200, and $100, respectively.

We want a well-rounded group of photos with stories that represent the diverse, international scope of our work. We are seeking photo submissions from people from various locations, backgrounds, and academic or professional fields. Please note that we are not accepting video submissions. Photos and text submitted via this contest may be used (as submitted or as edited by IIE at our sole discretion) in our printed/digital publications and social media. Note: By entering this contest, you are giving IIE full consent to use your material.

The winner will receive a gift card worth $300 (USD)! Second runner up will win a gift card worth $200, and third runner up will win a gift card of $100. Email notifications will go out to winners and runners up by November 22, 2019 (date subject to change).

Deadline: Submit your entry between September 23, 2019 and November 4, 2019 by 5:00 p.m. (EST).

Download Contest Instructions

How to enter:

All submissions are to be made through Media Port (see below). Only one submission per person will be accepted.

Not sure if the program that you participated in qualifies?

See if your program is managed by IIE through our Program Finder. Submissions must be from a current IIE grantee or former participant of an IIE-managed program who completed the program in good standing. Any submission from a person who does not meet the criteria will be disqualified.

What do I need to submit?

All submissions must include both a visual and a short-written component.

  1. Photo: We encourage you to be creative in representing your story visually. Find a high-quality photo that best illustrates your impact story.
  • Photo should be the highest resolution and best quality possible
  • Preferably 1600 x 1200 pixels, but not required
  • Third party copyrighted materials are not accepted
  1. Written Description: Your photo submission must be paired with a 250 – 500-word written story on the impact of that experience on your life, work and/or community. Each written submission must communicate:
  • Your name
  • The name of your IIE-managed program or opportunity
  • When you participated in your program
  • The impact of that experience on you personally, professionally, and/or academically

Prompts to consider:

Consider these prompts when constructing your impact story:

  • How has your experience(s) abroad strengthened your academic or career goals? What did you gain specifically from the international aspects of your program?
  • How did you go beyond program expectations to immerse within the host culture (i.e. volunteering, leadership, internship, local activities)?
  • Did you work with people you met abroad to create a solution or to advance research that serves other people in a positive way?
  • Did your experience help to pave the way for your future accomplishments?
  • Were you able to take your insights from abroad and impact your local community at home?

How can I submit my work?

  1. Visit Media Port
  2. Create an account using registration code: Contest2019
  3. Log in using the account information you just created
  4. Agree to terms and conditions
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen for uploading your work. Acceptable file types are jpeg, png, and pdf. The photos should be the highest resolution and best quality possible, preferably 1600 x 1200 pixels. Please note that we are not accepting video submissions. Click “add files” and choose the file with the visual part of your submission. You may be asked if you have the rights to include the subjects (people) within the photo. (If you do not, your photo cannot be entered in the contest).
  6. Begin the upload process. Download the upload instructions here or watch the quick instructional available when you log into Media Port. When your upload is complete, you have officially entered the contest.
  7. Decisions will be made about the winners by November 22, 2019 (date subject to change).

How will we evaluate your work?

  • We will confirm that your submission meets the basic format criteria described above.
  • We will evaluate how well your submission demonstrates the impact of international education. We would like to see how international exchange opens minds and enables people to build connections to solve problems together.
  • We would like to see students, scholars, and professionals who participate in our programs. Our goal is for the viewer to get a better understanding of the scope of IIE’s work and the impact of the programs we manage.
  • It is important your submission shows you in professional and interactive situations that are representative of your IIE program. We are especially interested in photos that show people interacting with each other.

Should you have any questions, concerns about the contest, or in need of assistance, please contact Maureen Federo (MFedero@iie.org).

We look forward to your submission!

IIE is a world leader in providing international education strategies and program services. We work with policymakers, educators and employers across the globe to prepare students and professionals for the global workforce and equip them to solve the increasingly complex challenges facing our interconnected world. With support from donors, we also create initiatives that protect students and scholars in danger, expand teaching and learning across cultures, and provide opportunities to underserved populations. A not-for-profit organization founded in 1919, IIE has a network of 18 offices and affiliates worldwide and over 1,300 member institutions.


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