Afghanistan Crisis Response

Institute of International Education (IIE) teams and our global network partners are working day and night to do what we can to ensure the safety and welfare of students and scholars threatened by the events unfolding in Afghanistan.

IIE is launching the IIE Afghanistan Crisis Response to support these students and scholars. We are moving quickly to mobilize resources and increase our response in this critical moment. 

For more than 100 years, we have assisted displaced students and scholars at times of crisis.

They represent the future for their nations and the world. They need our help.

Advocating and working to protect students and scholars that are threatened is at the core of what we do and our network of university partners and dedicated staff around the world position us to provide support guided by regional expertise.

IIE initiatives such as the Scholar Rescue Fund and Emergency Student Fund are aimed at helping save lives and preserve knowledge wherever they are under threat:

Ten former American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) students will receive scholarships to reconnect to their studies in safety at a college campus abroad. Leading this effort are former U.S. Senator Ted Kaufman and IIE Board Chair Mark Angelson, who will work closely alongside IIE CEO and President Allan E. Goodman and Dr. Kenneth Holland, former AUAF president.

IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund is the only global program that arranges and funds fellowships for threatened and displaced scholars at partnering higher education institutions worldwide. At the heart of IIE-SRF is the idea that each scholar we support is a beacon of hope in our world.

The Emergency Student Fund provides grants to international college students in the U.S. when war or other crises such as natural disasters threaten their education. We are a critical resource for students in crisis when they have no other safety net.

Protection and access to higher education can be the difference between life and death for these individuals, their communities, and their countries when they need us most.

Please join us in helping to save lives and preserve knowledge by supporting the students and scholars under threat in Afghanistan with a contribution to IIE’s Afghanistan Crisis Response.

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