Fulbright Finland Foundation Receives IIE Europe Award for Excellence

Studio Terho / Fulbright Finland Foundation
                                          Studio Terho / Fulbright Finland Foundation

HELSINKI, September 26, 2019 — The Institute of International Education is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2019 IIE Europe Award for Excellence. This year, we are honoring the Fulbright Finland Foundation for their commitment and innovation in supporting internationalization efforts in Finland as well as strong partnerships and educational exchange opportunities between the United States and Finland. 

The Fulbright Finland Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization based in Helsinki that seeks to advance educational contacts between Finland and the United States in order to build knowledge and human capital in both countries. They work closely with governments, foundations, universities and corporate partners to design and manage scholarships for students and researchers, develop leaders, and provide internationalization services.

Fulbright Finland Foundation’s motto is “Together Shaping the Future,” an ideal they live up to working with their broad and accomplished alumni network. Since 1949, the Foundation has made more than 5,700 grants and conducts thousands of interactions every year to advance its mission. They host interesting and compelling events like the Fulbright Speakers Program, Seminars, Dialogues, and Transatlantic Roundtables that bring together important voices to discuss international education and exchange, as well as emerging issues in both countries and Euro-Atlantic relations.

IIE’s President and CEO Allan Goodman says, “The Institute of International Education is proud of our close working relationship with the Fulbright Finland Foundation and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State who sponsors the global Fulbright program.” In 2019, IIE is celebrating 100 years of supporting international education to build a more secure and equitable world. Partners like the Fulbright Finland Foundation make IIE’s work of advancing scholarship, building economies, and promoting access to opportunity for all people possible. IIE congratulates Fulbright Finland Foundation on this award and looks forward to many more years of collaboration.

About the Institute of International Education

Now celebrating its Centennial year, IIE was established in 1919 with the founding premise that international exchange could make the world a more interconnected place. IIE works to build more peaceful and equitable societies by advancing scholarship, building economies and promoting access to opportunity. IIE implements the Fulbright Program on behalf of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State and in collaboration with Fulbright Commissions and Foundations around the globe. As a not-for-profit with 18 offices and affiliates worldwide, IIE collaborates with a range of corporate, government and foundation partners across the globe to design and manage scholarship, study abroad, workforce training and leadership development programs.

About the IIE Europe Office

IIE’s Europe office is located in Budapest, Hungary. Founded in 1990, this office represents IIE’s program operations in Europe. Covering over 30 countries in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the office focuses on supporting and strengthening internationalization of universities, developing and managing scholarship and study abroad programs, and collaborating with corporate partners to design and implement programs and services that meet their specific corporate needs and philanthropic objectives.

About the IIE Europe Award for Excellence

The IIE Europe Award for Excellence is an award initiative that was launched by the IIE Europe Office in 2011 to recognize outstanding achievement in international education. Every year, IIE is proud to recognize a partner for their relevance to European higher education and high impact on the European education community, and who demonstrate the Power of International Education®.


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