IIE Pledges to Ramp Up Education in Emergencies Efforts During Global Refugee Forum

Also Joins UNHCR and Others to Form Interagency Steering Group

NEW YORK, December 13, 2023 — This week in support of the UNHCR Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, IIE proudly pledged to build more sustainable futures for refugees and displaced people through higher education. IIE issued two pledges; the first, to leverage its network to increase the placement of refugee students at higher education institutions and the other, to award 120 new IIE Odyssey scholarships over the next four years. The pledges aim to bolster IIE’s ongoing efforts to protect education in emergencies and support the UNHCR goal to achieve enrollment of 15% of refugee youth in higher education by 2030 or what is known as the 15by30 roadmap.

In addition, IIE joined UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, Nexus 3.0, DAAD German Academic Exchange ServiceTimes Higher EducationOpen Society University NetworkArizona State UniversityThe Association of Commonwealth Universities, and Tertiary Refugee Student Network to form an Interagency Steering Group on Higher Education in Humanitarian and Development Contexts last week. Recognizing the critical role of higher education in addressing the challenges faced by displaced and marginalized populations, IIE’s collaboration pledges to develop a global framework for higher education in emergencies.

Referred to as the “world’s largest international gathering on refugees,” the Global Refugee Forum convenes states and NGOs every four years to support the practical implementation of sustainable, international solutions to achieve the objectives outlined in the UN’s Global Compact on Refugees. The 120 new IIE Odyssey scholarships will support refugee and displaced youth pursuing bachelor’s and master’s levels of study and other education-related expenses; the program prioritizes support for refugee students to complete their studies in their hosting countries. Through its global network of offices, IIE works with a dedicated group of refugee-serving partners to reach and support refugee and displaced students, using a nomination and selection process.

With 2030 quickly approaching, IIE’s pledges seek to move the global community closer to reaching the 15by30 goal and changing trajectories of young people through access to higher education.

To learn more about IIE’s Crisis Response initiatives, contact sei@iie.org.

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