IIE Contributes to AAC&U Journal

A photo illustration for the article, "Safe Haven: The rescue of science and learning amid global threats"

A new article in the spring 2022 edition of Liberal Education, the flagship journal of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, traces the long history of U.S. higher education institutions stepping up to support threatened and displaced scholars and students from across the globe. “Safe Haven: The rescue of science and learning amid global threats” was authored by IIE CEO Allan E. Goodman; IIE Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE-SRF) Director James Robin King; and CEO of College Promise, former U.S. Under Secretary of Education, and IIE-SRF Selection Committee member Martha J. Kanter. The article explores the outsized role that U.S. institutions of all types and sizes have played in IIE’s emergency programs, including its Emergency Student Fund and IIE-SRF. Since IIE-SRF’s founding 20 years ago, nearly 170 U.S research institutions, liberal arts colleges, public universities, and community colleges have partnered with IIE to provide academic placements and other dedicated support to scholars facing urgent threats to their lives or academic work.

“We believe that US institutions of higher education must continue their historic commitments to eliminate the silos that divorce nations from embracing humankind, peace, and understanding,” write the authors. “Supporting a scholar from a war-torn country is a precious opportunity for our nation’s colleges and universities to demonstrate and advance the humanitarian values that have built the democracy that furthers prosperity here in the United States and worldwide. We thank IIE’s many college and university partners who have already stepped up to assist our academic colleagues across the globe who need our help. And we extend the invitation to other institutions to join these efforts.”

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