Remembering Vartan Gregorian

Vartan Gregorian-FullThe Institute of International Education family deeply feels the passing of Vartan Gregorian, former trustee and longtime friend of IIE. Vartan was a valued advisor and advocate of international education and dedicated himself to improving all aspects of our work. From 1988 to 1996, Vartan served on IIE’s Board of Trustees, but his dedication to our mission did not end with his tenure as trustee. As President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, one of IIE’s founders a century ago, he remained a constant source of guidance and support. Among much else, Vartan appeared in the WNET documentary on IIE marking its Centennial, “Treasures of New York,” and received one of our first Centennial Medals on behalf of the Carnegie Corporation in 2019.

Whatever difficulties and setbacks IIE faced, Vartan’s advice was always go right back to work the next day and continue to make the world better by helping students and rescuing scholars. He was always thinking of how we could do more and how the Carnegie Corporation could best support our efforts.  Countless scholars have received grants through IIE-administered programs directly and indirectly because of Vartan’s support. His example and advice will continue to inspire us all. An IIE-Scholar Rescue Fund Research Fellowship will be named in honor and memory of his lifelong dedication to education and peace.


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