U.S. For Success Coalition Launches to Increase and Diversify International Student Success in the U.S.

Coalition across sectors seeks to position the United States to more effectively attract a greater and more diverse population of international students and ensure their success

Washington, D.C., November 14, 2023 — Last week, 11 education organizations, think tanks, and advocates launched the U.S. for Success coalition to foster international student success in the United States through a coordinated national effort. The coalition will work in partnership with the U.S. government, higher education institutions, the business sector, and other key partners to foster supportive federal policies and practices that allow the U.S. to compete and cooperate effectively on the global stage. By welcoming international students to the nation’s campuses and making pathways for them to apply their knowledge and skills in local economies upon graduation, the coalition aims to position the U.S. as a leading destination for the world’s talent.

International student contributions benefit U.S. society, economic growth, diplomatic efforts, and global standing. New data released this week from NAFSA: Association of International Educators shows the economic contributions of these students and their families to each state and congressional district. Moreover, international students, scholars, and their families are integral to academic and scientific innovation, public diplomacy, and national security. The U.S. Department of State recognizes international education as an essential part of U.S. foreign policy and in a joint statement with the U.S. Department of Education, called for a “coordinated national approach” to international education. 

The United States attracts more of the world’s student talent than any other country. However, other countries with more favorable visa and immigration policies are attracting a growing share of international students, while the U.S. share has declined from 28% in 2001 to an estimated 15% today.

As the international education sector welcomes new Open Doors® data this week to shed light on how many international students have chosen the United States post-pandemic, the coalition invites partners to join in this coordinated national effort to ensure the United States remains the leading destination for all international students seeking a world-class education. 

Building off the Joint Statement of Principles in Support of International Education led by the U.S. Department of State and Education and the U.S. government’s 2023 National Export Strategy, the coalition will advocate to remove barriers and expand opportunities in welcoming an increasing diversity of international students to the United States to study and work in terms of country of origin and destination within the U.S. With more than 4,000 higher education institutions across the country, the U.S. has more capacity than any other nation to welcome a greater and more diverse community of international students. The U.S. for Success coalition will work with a broad range of higher education institutions, including community colleges and minority-serving institutions to develop best practices to ensure international student success on their campuses.

The coalition has identified seven interconnected goals that must be met to enable the U.S. higher education system to continue as the leading destination for the world’s global talent. In addition to issuing policy recommendations and working with U.S. policymakers to meet these objectives, the coalition will support higher education institutions in expanding opportunities for an increasing diversity of international students to succeed in the U.S.

The U.S for Success coalition includes: 

  • AIRC: The Association of International Enrollment Management
  • Alliance for International Exchange*
  • ETS*
  • FWD.us
  • Institute of International Education (IIE)*
  • NAFSA: Association of International Educators*
  • Niskanen Center
  • Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration*
  • Shorelight*
  • The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA)
  • World Education Services (WES)*

*Denotes coalition steering committee members who have led in the creation of U.S. for Success.

The coalition welcomes new partners from higher education organizations, the business sector, the foreign policy community, and think tanks to join in this coordinated national effort to ensure the United States remains the leading destination for international students seeking a world-class education.

Learn more at https://usforsuccess.org

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