IIE’s Global Community for Women’s Leadership

The Challenge 
Today, there are more women in leadership than ever before, but the world’s organizations are still falling far short of equality. A 2021 IBM report on Women in Leadership, which surveyed professionals across 9 geographic regions, notes that though companies around the world are instituting more programs meant to increase gender diversity, few are doing the work to shift the office behavior and mindsets that are needed to foster a culture of equality. According to a 2022 report released by UN Women, only 1 in every 3 managers worldwide is a woman. The research shows that at the current pace of change, global equality will not be achieved for another 140 years.  

The Solution: Build the Next Generation of Women Leaders 
IIE’s Global Community for Women’s Leadership (GCWL) will support women by connecting them across a range of fields, and at all stages of their careers and life experiences. Participants will foster understanding among all genders about the issues women face in leadership and make changes that cascade around the world. Most importantly, women will be equipped with the tools necessary to thrive in their careers, encourage one another, and further their leadership as brilliant, global changemakers. 

Why IIE? 
Every year, over 16,000 women from more than 150 countries participate in one of IIE’s global programs. IIE’s Global Community for Women’s Leadership will provide resources and a global network critical to enabling these women to pursue and maintain meaningful careers, and to further their leadership in their professional fields, educational institutions, and communities. With over a century of experience creating life-changing international education programs, IIE is uniquely positioned to link women with resources and opportunities that support them as innovators and changemakers. The Global Community for Women’s Leadership will be the first of its kind to cultivate a global network of women changemakers who have participated in international exchange opportunities.

Help build the next generation of women leaders


IIE’s Global Community for Women’s Leadership