The UK-Levant Emergency Student Fund will provide critical small grants of $2,000 to 30 students from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, or Syria who are pursuing a degree in the United Kingdom at Cambridge University, Oxford University, or Imperial College London. Universities will nominate students who are facing emergencies that impact their ability to pursue their degree.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Nomination Form

You must complete one nomination form for each student you would like to nominate. If you nominate more than one student, you are offered an option to rank your nominees.  Ideally, institutions should nominate approximately 15 students in total. 

We recommend that you review the nominations questions before starting the form, so you are able to complete each full form in one sitting.

Deadline – August 8, 2023


About the Bseisu Foundation The Amjad and Suha Bseisu Foundation work directly with scholars, universities, partners and charities to further their mission of development through accessible education. The Foundation primarily provides higher education scholarships in the UK, US, Middle East and Malaysia, working to reduce financial barriers to education, with a focus on youth, women and refugees in STEM. The charity was co-Founded in 2005 by Amjad Bseisu alongside his wife, Suha. Both had experienced life as first- and second- generation refugees respectively and wanted to give back, sharing a belief that the cornerstone of human development is empowering youth through education and accessibility. The Bseisu Foundation supports students financially through their studies as well as providing a community with shared experiences and a vibrant, high-achieving alumni network. Contact or with any questions.