The ITT International Fellowship Program: An Assessment After Ten Years

The assessment confirms what many of us have long assumed to be true, that the ITT Fellowship Program is a great success. Bringing together talented young people, attractive fellowships, and careful selection and administration, results in a valuable educational experience and subsequent enhanced career opportunities.

The reader will find such facts in the body of this report; facts about the demographic characteristics and the substantive interests of the foreign fellows and fellows from the United States; facts about the different ways in which the fellowship affects these two groups; facts about the impact of the fellowship on careers and about the longer-term career implications for women and men. And more.

With facts and interpretations of the kind presented here, it is possible to make the leap of faith concerning the value of international education much smaller. Therewith, we hope, it will become easier to convince other agencies, both private and public, to follow the example of ITT in making a valuable commitment to international educational exchange.