A Survey of Policy Changes: Foreign Students in Public Institutions of Higher Education 1983-1985

In 1981 and again in 1983, the Institute of International Education published a survey report on recent policy changes towards foreign students in public institutions of higher education. Three areas of policy were selected for attention at that time: 

a) the provision of special services to foreign students; 

b) the tuition that foreign students are charged; and 

c) the requirements stipulated for their admission. 

The 1985 survey suggests that conditions for foreign students in public institutions of higher education have eroded somewhat, continuing the trend noted in previous surveys: 

A. In many institutions, foreign student services have not kept pace with student increases over the years.

B. Foreign students are now under more pressure to demonstrate ability to pay for their educational expenses before admission.

C. Schools are concerned about their foreign students’ English language proficiency, and a handful of states have passed legislation requiring testing in English language proficiency for foreign teaching assistants (and/or faculty).

D. Overall, institutions have been as welcoming as before, or even more so, to foreign students who can demonstrate ability to pay and are academically qualified.