U.S.-China Educational Exchange: Perspectives on a Growing Partnership (2008)

The first report (published in October 2008) in this new series of Global Education Research Reports sponsored by the AIFS Foundation and IIE focuses on educational exchange between the United States and China from multiple perspectives. It seeks to expand the range of information on U.S.-China academic exchange available to study abroad policymakers and practitioners.


Allan E. Goodman, Institute of International Education
William L. Gertz, American Institute For Foreign Study

Views from the U.S. and China

By Peggy Blumenthal, Executive Vice President, Institute of International Education
Yang Xinyu, Deputy Secretary-General, China Scholarship Council

Chapter 1
Trends and Models of Exchange Between China and the U.S.
By Shepherd Laughlin, Institute of International Education

Chapter 2
National Policy Goals: U.S. Government Activities Supporting U.S.-China Exchange
By Thomas A. Farrell, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

Chapter 3
National Policy Goals: PRC Government Activities Supporting U.S.-China Exchange
By Yang Xinyu, Deputy Secretary-General, China Scholarship Council

Chapter 4
Scholarly Exchanges with China
By David B. J. Adams, Council for the International Exchange of Scholars

Chapter 5
U.S.-China Student and Teacher Exchange Programs: Developing Understanding in a Global Age
By Margot E. Landman, National Committee on United States-China Relations
Charlotte S. Mason, China Exchange Initiative

Chapter 6
Coordinating Campus-Wide China Exchanges: The George Mason University Example
By Madelyn Ross, George Mason University

Chapter 7
The Language Flagship: Multiple Approaches to Creating Global Professionals
By Carl Falsgraf, University of Oregon
Dana S. Bourgerie, Brigham Young University

Chapter 8
Working with U.S. Higher Education: A Chinese Perspective
By Wang Yingjie, Beijing Normal University

About the Global Education Research Reports

The Global Education Research Reports series is a joint effort of IIE and the AIFS Foundation to explore the most pressing and under-researched issues affecting international education policy today. The series will include five reports over three years with original research from IIE, as well as contributions by other experts in the field of international education, with funding from the AIFS Foundation.