What International Students Think About U.S. Higher Education

Attitudes and Perceptions of Prospective Students From Around the World (2015)

This revised and expanded IIE report examines the attitudes and perceptions that international students who are considering studying in the United States have of U.S. higher education and other key study destinations around the world. The following research questions are explored: What attracts students from other countries to study in the United States? What course of study do they intend to pursue? Do they prefer the United States to other key destinations? What are the perceived barriers facing students who wish to study in the United States? The results of surveys conducted in 19 countries are presented together in this comprehensive report.

This report was produced by the IIE Center for Academic Mobility Research and Impact with the support of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

I. Overview 4

II. Africa
A. Nigeria 7
B. South Africa 9

III. Asia
A. China 10
B. Hong Kong 12
C. India 14
D. Japan 16
E. Malaysia 18
F. Nepal 20
G. South Korea 22
H. Thailand 24
I. Vietnam 28

IV. Europe
A. France 30
B. Germany 32
C. Turkey 34
D. United Kingdom 36

V. Latin America
A. Brazil 38
B. Colombia 40
C. Mexico 42

VI. Middle East
Saudi Arabia 44

VII. Conclusion 46

VIII. Appendix (Methodology) 48