IIE Generation Study Abroad Initiative

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A Global Movement to Increase Study Abroad

Launched in 2014, Generation Study Abroad is an initiative of the Institute of International Education (IIE) to mobilize resources and commitments with the goal of doubling and diversifying the number of U.S. students studying abroad by the end of the decade. Over 800 Commitment Partners worldwide have pledged to expand study abroad opportunities and participation through their institution, school, organization, or government. 


IIE & STA Travel announce the Generation Study Abroad Travel Award for U.S. High Schools

In the spirit of International Education Week 2019, IIE and STA Travel announce the Generation Study Abroad Travel Award for U.S. High Schools

STA Travel, a long-time Commitment Partner and travel supporter for IIE’s Generation Study Abroad initiative, is generously awarding International Teacher Identity Cards (ITIC) & International Youth Travel Cards (IYTC) to U.S. high school teachers and their students to aid in accessible travel needs for international education experiences. All eligible teachers will receive an ITIC before the end of 2019 and can apply to receive a bundle of IYTCs for their students. IIE & STA will select ten (10) teachers to receive 50 IYTCs to be granted to students at their school and used in towards study abroad and travel in 2020.


Research on graduate-level study abroad

International educational experiences develop key skills related to global citizenship, intercultural communication, and language competency. Yet through longstanding data collection efforts, we also know the full scale and scope of U.S. graduate experiences abroad are underreported. As both U.S. graduate school enrollments and study abroad participation continue to rise, IIE is invested in collecting comprehensive data – including data on graduate learning overseas – so that higher education stakeholders can best serve students at all levels. 

The Graduate Learning Overseas (GLO) research project is a three-year initiative focused on U.S. graduate student mobility, which aims to: identify the scale and scope of U.S. graduate students' educational activities overseas, and understand the institutional practices around student mobility.