Applicants to the Chevron International REACH Scholarship Program must meet the following criteria as of the application due date:

  • Be children (living with the employee-parent or other dependent children on Chevron's benefits plans) of non-U.S.-payroll active employees of Chevron and its wholly owned subsidiaries. This includes children of retired employees, and domestic partners' children (who must meet and continue to meet all of the criteria detailed in Chevron's "Affidavit of Domestic Partnership" and be internally registered with Chevron by having filed an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership that has been accepted by Chevron).
  • If Chevron parent employee is retired, the retiree must not be employed at a competitor energy company.

  • Be current high school seniors who will be entering freshmen or current college freshmen or sophomores with a U.S equivalent GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale enrolled in a full-time STEM course of study. For applicants who will pursue their study in the U.S., Chevron International REACH Scholarship Program for children of non-U.S. payroll families gives preference to those applicants attending/planning to attend these universities for the entire upcoming academic year., but the program welcomes applications from all eligible candidates.

  • Applicants must also be pursuing a degree in one of the following STEM disciplines:

    Facilities Engineering: 
    o Mechanical Engineering
    o Chemical Engineering
    o Electrical Engineering
    o Civil Engineering
    o Construction Management
    o Engineering (only for current high school seniors who will be entering freshmen during the academic year of 2020-2021 and are currently applying to university/college)

    Petroleum Engineering/Drilling & Completions
    o Petroleum Engineering
    o Chemical Engineering
    o Mechanical Engineering

    Earth Science: 
    o Geology
    o Geophysics
    o Geological Engineering
    o Physics

    Information Technology: 
    o Applied Math
    o Computer Engineering
    o Computer Science
    o Electrical Engineering
    o Math
    o Management Information Systems (MIS)
    o Information Technology
    o Statistics

    Health, Environment and Safety (HES):
    o Civil Engineering
      o Safety/Health Engineering
    o Industrial Hygiene
    o Chemical Engineering
    o Environmental Engineering