Your application must include references from two individuals who have known you in a professional capacity. One of these references must be from your supervisor, preferably your principal, who will need to approve your leave during both the joint conference in April/May and the program in Japan in June/July. The other reference can be from your assistant principal, superintendent, colleague, etc.

References must be submitted through the online application system. When you enter your reference’s information, the “Send Email to Reference” box is automatically checked. If you enter an email address and leave this box checked, your reference will receive an email with login information to complete the electronic reference form. Please think carefully about who you want your references to be and make sure to enter all information correctly before sending the email. Once the email has been sent to your reference, you cannot edit or delete his/her information. Alert your references to look for the email, which will come from As many school email filters will divert this email to a spam quarantine box, we recommend that you use your reference writer’s personal email address instead of work address.

If you are not ready to send the email when you first enter their information, simply uncheck the “Send Email to Reference” box. You can log back in any time before submitting your application and resend the email. Check the box next to their name and hit “Re-Send Email.”

Notes about reference submission:

  • Please communicate with your reference before entering their information into the application and alert them that the email with login information is coming. Because the reference login information will be sent via email, you must provide an email address for all references.
  • Again, many school email filters may route system-generated emails to a spam quarantine filter. We recommend that you ask your reference if they have a personal email address that you could use instead of their work email address.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your references submit the online reference. Before submitting your application, follow-up with your references to ensure that they received the email with their login information.
  • If your reference loses the automatically generated email before completing the reference and you have not yet submitted your application, you can log back into your application, go to the “Reference Submission” page, check the tick box next to their name and click “Re-Send Email.”
  • Both references must be submitted by the application deadline.