U.S. Lead Award Recipients 2014

Georgia Institute of Technology (U.S.), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK), and National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (India)
Crowdsourcing Water Quality: Using Mobile Technology to Monitor Access of Safe Drinking Water

Lehigh University (U.S.), Queen's University Belfast (UK), and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (India)
Transforming Arsenic and Fluoride Crisis into an Economic Enterprise

Northern Arizona University (U.S.), Aberystwyth University (UK), and University of Mataram (Indonesia)
Sustainable Forest Management in Indonesia

Ohio State University (U.S.), Queen's University Belfast (UK), and Fudan University (China)
Increasing Global Food Security by Controlling the Dissemination of Antibiotic Resistance

Purdue University (U.S.), De Montfort University (UK), and São Paulo State University (Brazil)
Increasing Energy Efficiency Using Rapid Smart Grids

Rutgers University (U.S.), University of Reading (UK), and Chongqing University (China)
The Impact of Outdoor Air Pollution on Indoor Air Quality in China

University of California Davis (U.S.), Oxford University (UK), and Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (China)
Reducing Carbon Emissions through a Hydrogen Economy

University of Florida (U.S.), University of Liverpool (UK), and Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil)
Salt Intrusion into Estuaries Related to Global Climate Change

University of Michigan (U.S.), Oxford University (UK), and University of São Paulo (Brazil)
Improving Environment Impacts of Cattle Farming in Brazil

University of Rhode Island (U.S.), University of Stirling (UK), and Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia)
Aquaculture Carrying Capacity and Water Quality in Indonesian Lakes and Reservoirs

Dept of State