Supporting a Generation of Skilled Youth

As Indonesia’s economy continues to grow, economic inequality is also increasing. Inequality has left populations living near or below the poverty line with a higher risk of being left behind. Entrepreneurship provides an important avenue for poor and vulnerable (P&V) youth to improve their lives, create opportunities for themselves and others in their communities, and contribute to Indonesia’s economic development. However, P&V youth face unique challenges in being able to start their own businesses. Existing entrepreneurship programs rarely address the challenges to this group, including foundational skill gaps and the need for intensive coaching and mentoring to help them start and grow successful enterprises.

The goal of JAdi Pengusaha MandiRI (Become an Independent Entrepreneur, otherwise known as JAPRI) is to improve opportunities by creating self-employment through enterpreneurship for P&V youth ages 18 to 30. JAPRI leverages and tailors existing entrepreneurship resources to promote entrepreneurship among P&V youth. With the Institute of International Education (IIE) as the lead, JAPRI is implemented by a consortium of partners, including Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI), Mien R Uno Foundation (MRUF), Kelompok Perempuan dan Sumber-Sumber Kehidupan/Women's Groups, and Sources of Life (KPS2K).

JAPRI works with relevant local governments, community groups, and universities to identify potential successful youth entrepreneurs. JAPRI’s efforts focus on first increasing young individuals’ interest in entrepreneurship through Business Motivation Workshops, and then promoting business start-ups and business improvement through Entrepreneurship Training or One Day Training. Entrepreneurship Training is delivered by certified trainers who have completed JAPRI’s Training of Trainers. One Day Training is delivered by JAPRI to youth who already have their own businesses or are about to start a business. 

JAPRI’s unique approach is focusing on business mentoring and coaching as follow on activities after the training. Business mentoring is delivered by successful business owners who inspire the youth by sharing their own experience and tips and tricks. Business coaching is delivered by certified coaches who have completed JAPRI’s Training of Coaches. Coaches help youth to set target for their businesses and find ways to address challenges. Business mentoring and coaching accelerates youth self-employment, shapes youth confidence in developing new businesses, and provides supporting system for young entrepreneurs.

Women's Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative

In July 2019, the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative awarded additional funding to JAPRI to support activities focusing on young women in selected business sectors in East Java. Building from previous work in the Blitar district and close relations with the local government, JAPRI has expanded its work by focusing on increasing women-owned businesses and creating an empowering environment in their households to include men in sharing domestic responsibilities. For W-GDP activities JAPRI has leveraged the technical expertise of Kelompok Perempuan dan Sumber-Sumber Kehidupan/Women's Groups and Sources of Life (KPS2K). KPS2K is based in Sidoarjo, East Java, and supports gender components in the existing JAPRI module and conducts gender training for new stakeholders.

Program Duration

  • 2017 - 2021

Type of Training

  • Capacity building and workforce development


  • Objective 1: JAPRI will empower P&V youth to start and/or grow businesses through an increase in entrepreneurship knowledge and skills and access to business coaching and mentoring.
  • Objective 2: JAPRI will strengthen the capacity of local stakeholders to provide P&V youth entrepreneurs with ongoing support through increased commitment and readiness of stakeholders to adopt the JAPRI model.
  • Objective 3: JAPRI will empower women to access economic opportunities through increased basic entrepreneurship skills and strengthen the support system for women in business.

For more information about JAPRI and other workforce development programs at IIE, please contact David Simpson, USAID Director at DSimpson@iie.org.