As of September 2019, JAPRI has achieved the following results:

  • 1,322 youth have a new business or an improved business;
  • 287 people from universities, community groups, and local governments are qualified entrepreneurship trainers and business coaches;
  • 5,143 youth developed their entrepreneurial knowledge and are in the process of developing their business plans;
  • 1,777 youth have access to business mentoring and coaching that will enable them to start or grow their businesses.

JAPRI has also contributed to the Journey to Self-Reliance through the acceptance of five university partners that adopted the JAPRI module for their curriculum. JAPRI has delivered training of trainers for the lecturers, as well as training of coaches for the students or alumni. As a result, 150 certified trainers are now teaching entrepreneurship courses modules in universities or to communities, and 137 certified business coaches are delivering business coaching to youth. In addition, the JAPRI model has been replicated by the two  district governments, and recognized as a best practice by the East Java provincial government.