FER Training

PCD helped VNGOs improve their performance and sustainability in implementing donor programs by providing training and technical assistance in financial management, human resources, strategic planning, fundraising and external relations, and organizational monitoring and evaluation. PCD also provided direct assistance and participant training to the GVN agencies and ministries. In doing so, VNGOs and community-based organizations improved their internal management, which contributed to their organizational development, financial sustainability, and increased capacity to receive and manage higher levels of donor funding in Vietnam as well as their long-term sustainability as organizations. Government agencies and ministries also increased their capacity to engage with USAID and other donors through activities that supported development of their technical capacity, for example through study tours on topics such as disabilities, dioxin remediation, and energy efficiency.

For more information about PCD, as well as other USAID Programs at IIE, contact David Simpson, USAID Programs Lead, at DSimpson@iie.org