Emma Bonoli with Alumni of Center for International Partnership
The International Academic Partnerships Program
Meaningful partnerships help knowledge and human expression thrive across borders. IIE creates cross-border connections between higher education institutions, faculty, and students to cultivate research collaboration, foster diplomacy, build capacity and exchange ideas through programs like the International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP).

Higher Education Capacity Building

IIE works closely with public and private higher education institutions to develop and sustain institutional partnerships with their counterparts around the world. We leverage our extensive international networks and are uniquely positioned to help shape new universities and expand the capabilities of existing academic institutions.

Faculty Development

IIE works with higher education institutions around the globe to connect faculty with opportunities abroad where they conduct research, share their skills and knowledge and increase mutual understanding and peaceful relations. This work breaks down borders and connects the world’s leading academic minds.

Jonah Kokodyniak
Senior Vice President, Program Development and Partner Services