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Preferred Vendors for Virtual Event Platform Services

RFP No:              102320/ET

Issue Date:          October 23, 2020
Closing Date:       November 6, 2020

Solicitation file(s):

RFP - Virtual Event Platform Services (239 KB, PDF)

Scholar in Residence and Fulbright Visiting Scholar Orientations

RFP No:              093020/AK

Issue Date:          September 30, 2020
Closing Date:      October 30, 2020

Solicitation file(s):

RFP - SIR and FVS Orientations (246 KB, PDF)

Budget Template_SIR and FVS Orientations (72 KB, Excel)

Mod 1_Q&A_SIR and FVS Orientations (117 KB, PDF)