Photo of 2020 Victor J Goldberg prize winners, Ziad Sabateen and Phil Saunders.

IIE Victor J. Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East

IIE awards the IIE Victor J. Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East annually to recognize outstanding work being conducted jointly by two individuals, one Arab and one Israeli, working together to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East. The two individuals whose work is judged to be most successful in bringing people together and meeting the goals of the Prize share a US$10,000 prize. The winners are selected by a prestigious international selection committee. Award ceremonies are generally held each June, along with public announcement of the winners to press and social media. In 2019, the Prize celebrated its 15th anniversary of recognizing and supporting continued work towards peace. The 2021 Prize is presented virtually on June 16, 2021 to Ziad Sabateen and Phil Saunders for their Coexistent Communities Project.

Nominations for the 2022 Prize will be open in November. Please contact the IIE Goldberg Prize program team at with any questions.


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“While there is no magic solution, one positive force may be to encourage people to live and work together at the grass roots, learning to trust and depend on one another for their common good.”

Vic Goldberg, IIE Trustee

"The Goldberg IIE Prize will encourage some of the best and the brightest young professionals to contribute their valuable knowledge and experience to the cause of peace in the Middle East, and will reward them for their courage and conviction in doing so."

Allan Goodman, IIE President and CEO 

Goals of the Prize

Learn about the how the IIE Victor J. Goldberg recognizes and celebrates people working to advance peace in the Middle East. 

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Call for Nominations

The 2021 nomination cycle will open in Fall 2020.

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2020 Winners

The 2020 Goldberg Prize winners are Mohammed Khatib and Emily Schaeffer Omer-Man, Leaders of Letters from Bil’in: Joint Palestinian-Israeli Legal Advocacy Project.

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