Emergence: The 2021 IIE PEER Forum

Hero image showing an open book with a  tree growing out of it. Test reads, "EMERGENCE: IIE PEER Forum 2021"

Join IIE PEER for a three-day virtual event exploring local higher education in emergencies initiatives in three global markets.

The IIE PEER 2021 Forum is looking towards the future of higher education in emergencies. Over three days, expert panelists will discuss pressing issues and emerging solutions in their geographic area of focus: Americas & Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Please find the full schedule of events below.

Register today to reserve a space. Registration is free. Please consider giving a donation to support IIE’s Student Emergency Initiatives.

An image of a PDF document showing the schedule for the 2021 IIE PEER Forum.

We look forward to sharing insights from leaders in the field and hearing your thoughts.


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