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The level of displacement is a catastrophe on a global scale: there are approximately 70.8 million forcibly displaced persons around the world; the highest level since the end of the Second World War. Only 3% of them have access to tertiary education, compared to a global average of 38%. There are many organizations that focus on providing immediate humanitarian aid such as water, shelter, and food, but the crucial role education plays in rehabilitating the lives of those forced from their homes is too often neglected.

The Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Student Emergency Initiatives has helped hundreds of displaced students realize their dream of a university education. Providing displaced and refugee students with the opportunity to continue their education transforms their lives and empowers them and their communities.

Hear from IIE SEI supported students:

  • Ibrahim received full and comprehensive support from the IIE Scholarship for Syrian Students. Read how this scholarship impacted his future.
  • In this video, Amjad discusses how the IIE PEER Travel Grant helped him cross 10 borders to study in Mexico.
  • Before she was an award-winning violinist, Mariela used the IIE Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis to flee bombings in Aleppo and study at Knox College. Listen to her story.
  • Angela was studying in Miami when the Venezuelan crisis broke out. Read the impact IIE SEI’s Emergency Student Fund had on her continuing studies.

Today, IIE is proud to announce that we are joining the UNHCR’s #15by30 campaign, an ambitious effort to increase access to higher education for refugees to 15% by 2030. As part of IIE’s Student Emergency Initiatives, we are launching the IIE Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis, providing 10 refugee students in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs with scholarships that include tuition waivers and support for visa, travel, and living expenses.

At IIE, we are committed to expanding our efforts to provide tertiary education opportunities to displaced and refugee students. Education provides hope and the promise of a better future.

This holiday season, please consider donating to IIE’s Student Emergency Initiatives and providing hope for a better and brighter future to displaced students and their families.

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