IIE Awards Scholarships to American University of Afghanistan Students

Senator Ted Kaufman and Mark Angelson will Co-Chair IIE Afghanistan Rescue Effort

NEW YORK, September 14, 2021 – The Institute of International Education (IIE), the world leader in international educational exchange and scholar rescue, has created a new scholarship program for students of the American University of Afghanistan. Less than one week after the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, IIE launched a coordinated, organization-wide Afghanistan Crisis Response, leveraging programs already in place to deploy assistance for students, scholars, and artists. The new scholarship program is the latest part of its response.

An initial 10 scholarships are a promise of safety for students who, among hundreds of others, were given the assurance of evacuation. At once, a difficult situation became life-threatening when the evacuation was aborted. With these scholarships, students can reconnect to their studies in safety at a college campus abroad. The scholarships provide the hope and possibility that one day the students will return to Afghanistan and contribute to rebuilding their country. IIE will also work to help every student who wishes to leave find a place to go.

IIE Trustee and former U.S. Senator Ted Kaufman, along with IIE Board Chair Mark Angelson, will co-chair IIE’s overall Afghanistan Crisis Response. They will work with Dr. Kenneth Holland, former President of the American University of Afghanistan, and other subject matter experts.

“There is no question that the very lives of Afghan students and academics are now targeted by terrorists,” said Senator Kaufman. “In 2016, the American University of Afghanistan was attacked with guns and explosives. Fifteen people were killed and at least 50 more were injured, including students, professors, and staff. IIE’s work now is more important than ever.”

“IIE is here to rescue scholars, students, and artists for the long term, through such programs as the Scholar Rescue Fund, our Emergency Student Fund, and our Artist Protection Fund,” said IIE CEO and President, Dr. Allan E. Goodman. “It’s in our DNA to respond to academic emergencies whenever and wherever they arise, and no matter how long they last.”

“Among many programs in place to support students and scholars in times of crisis, IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund is the only global program that arranges and funds fellowships for threatened and displaced scholars at partner higher education institutions worldwide,” said Angelson. “The IIE Emergency Student Fund provides grants to international college students when natural disasters, war or other crises in their home countries threaten their education. And our Artist Protection Fund makes fellowship grants to threatened artists from any field of practice, and places them at host institutions in safe countries where they can continue their works and plan for their futures.”

To learn more about the IIE Afghanistan Crisis Response and ongoing IIE rescue programs, visit: https://www.iie.org/about/Announcements/2021/08/Afghanistan-Crisis-Response.

About IIE: Established in 1919, IIE is a global not-for-profit that creates and implements international education programs, conducts research, and provides life-changing opportunities for students and scholars worldwide. IIE collaborates with a range of corporate, government and foundation partners across the globe to design and manage scholarship, study abroad, workforce training and leadership development programs. IIE has a network of 18 offices and affiliates worldwide and over 1,450 member institutions. Visit iie.org.


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