COVID-19 Effects on US Higher Education Campuses, Report 2

COVID‐19 Snapshot Survey Series

This paper explores U.S. government scholarship opportunities available to U.S. students interested in an international experience, highlighting different sponsoring agencies. It analyzes how the scholarships support U.S. government programming goals of encouraging citizen diplomacy, strengthening national security, and building a globalized workforce. Case studies presented in this paper demonstrate the contributions of U.S. government scholarship programs to study abroad and the international experiences of U.S. students.

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is studying the effects of COVID‐19 (coronavirus) on global student mobility on U.S. higher education campuses. Our aim in this series is to provide more information about the effects that COVID‐19 has had on international student mobility, and the measures U.S. higher education institutions are taking regarding international students currently on campus and those abroad, international students interested in studying in the United States, and U.S. students planning to study abroad.

The second survey opened April 16, 2020, and specifically focuses on the effects of COVID‐19 on U.S. higher education institutions’ emergency response and planning for future student mobility. While we continue to monitor the ongoing situation, this report examines campus life, international students both already on campus and those who could not come for the spring semester, and U.S students studying abroad. It also looks ahead to summer and fall 2020 and the recruitment of international students, as well as student interest in future study abroad.

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