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Participant Stories
  • Ruth Gruber, IIE Grantee

    Ruth Gruber earned her doctorate as an IIE grantee.

  • Beth Salerno, Fulbright Scholar and history professor

    As a Fulbright Scholar at South Korea’s Pyeongtaek University, history professor Beth Salerno is teaching courses on American Political Culture and Contemporary America.

  • Vaneshran Arumugam, Ford Foundation International Fellow

    IFP Fellow Vaneshran Arumugam uses acting to promote development in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Humphrey Jaroslav Valuchin

    Humphrey Fellow Jaroslav Valuch volunteered to help disaster relief groups locate victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

  • Elaine Hillenmeyer, Whitaker International Fellow

    U.S. student Elaine Hillenmeyer pursued a doctorate in biomedical engineering with the help of a Whitaker International Fellowship.

  • Jesse Lynch, David L. Boren Fellow

    Jesse Lynch studied Arabic as a David L. Boren Fellow and mastered the language through The Language Flagship program.

  • Violeta Rosales

    After studying in Cairo, Violeta Rosales became a force in her community to encourage others to study overseas.

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