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COVID-19 Update

As we monitor the impact of COVID-19 and its effects on communities worldwide, IIE-APF continues to closely work with and provide support to fellows, alumni and host-partners. IIE-APF remains committed to providing safe-haven, support and creative opportunities to threatened and displaced artists. 

Online Application is Open

Applications and submissions are accepted at any time throughout the year on a rolling basis. 

Please check back in the coming months for the next Selection Committee deadline.

APF Application Instructions

What is the Artist Protection Fund?

The Artist Protection Fund (APF) is an initiative of the Institute of International Education, sponsored by the Mellon Foundation. The APF makes fellowship grants to threatened artists from any field of practice, and places them at host institutions in safe countries where they can continue their work and plan for their futures.

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I'm a threatened artist. How can I apply?

IIE-APF welcomes inquiries from threatened artists directly or from individuals or institutions nominating threatened artists for support. APF is for artists who are facing or have recently fled from immediate, severe, and targeted threats to their lives and/or careers in their home countries or countries of residence.

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How can my organization help?

IIE-APF welcomes inquiries from institutions around the world interested in hosting threatened artists. Hosts can be academic institutions, arts residencies, cultural centers, performing arts organizations, or artistic communities. Hosts will be required to match the fellowship support financially or through in-kind contributions that may include housing, studio space, materials/supplies, and other support from their networks.

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