China-U.S. Scholars Program (CUSP)

The China-U.S. Scholars Program (CUSP) is an exchange fellowship program for China, Hong Kong SAR (China) and U.S. scholars and students in the arts, humanities and social sciences to teach, study or conduct research abroad in China, Hong Kong SAR (China) or the US in 2021-2022. The program will award 48 grants to selected faculty and students. The distribution of grants is anticipated to be roughly equal among China and Hong Kong SAR (China) students and scholars traveling to the US, and US students and scholars traveling to China and Hong Kong SAR (China).  The program is funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York*, Ford Foundation, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Henry Luce Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The application for the China-U.S. Scholars Program (CUSP) closed on April 15, 2021.

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*Carnegie Corporation of New York’s grant is pending the Board of Trustees’ approval at its early March meeting.