Current Funding Efforts

The Institute of International Education (IIE) calls nominations from U.S. campuses to provide emergency support to enrolled degree-seeking students following a crisis or natural disaster in the student's home country. The last funding efforts to students from Caribbean nations has closed and there is no current call for applications. The past funding efforts page details this information in detail. 


It is anticipated that future student need may exceed funding available in the Institute’s Emergency Student Fund. To bridge any funding gaps, IIE is seeking donations from interested individuals and foundations. The goal is to support students enrolled in U.S. degree programs but whose home nations are facing crises and unable to access funds  to continue their education in the United States. This aide will help students not have to drop out of their programs prematurely. Support from IIE ESF is combined with host university support and is meant to provide students with a temporary respite so that they might continue their education and eventually return home to help their country, communities, and families rebuild.

To support the IIE's Emergency Student Fund, please make a donation now and designate your gift by entering “IIE ESF” in the gift designation field.

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