The 2022-2023 Application Cycle has closed.


The following information and supporting documents will need to be included in your application before submitting: 

  • Project Title and Proposed Timeline with Major Activities
  • Abstract/Summary of Proposal (200 words) 
  • Project Location, Type (Hybrid, In-person, Virtual) 
  • Personal Questions:
    • Describe your Fulbright Experience and the ways in which it has contributed to your personal and professional trajectory. (250 words)
    • What is your personal and professional connection to this project? (250 words)
  • Project Questions:  
    • Explain your project activities: (500 words)
    • My project actively works to increase access, ensure equity, provide pathways, and/or address needs related to higher education attainment for refugee and displaced populations by….
    • What does success for this project look like (what is the impact during the project)? (250 words)
    • What are some of the measures you plan to take to ensure that your project continues, past the one year funding? (250 words)
  • Project Budget: Please use the spreadsheet template in the application to provide a project budget detailing how you plan to spend fellowship funds.
  • Recommendation Letter: Please select one individual to write you a letter of recommendation for the IIE Centennial Fellowship. The letter should speak to your personal, professional and/or academic background. Note: recommendation letters must be submitted by July 6, 2022 at 5:00pm EDT through the recommendation portal to be considered.
  • Fulbright Letter: Documenting the applicant's previous Fulbright award. 

For any questions, contact: