What Fulbright programs are eligible for the IIE Centennial Fellowship?

It does not matter when you completed your Fulbright experience, many programs are eligible. Please fill out page two of the application to check your Fulbright program's eligibility. If you are not eligible, you will not need to complete an application.


Does my Fellowship program need to take place in the same country as my original Fulbright?

No, the project can take place in any country regardless of where you did your Fulbright.


Can I apply the IIE Centennial Fellowship to a project I am already working on?

For the 2022-2023 cycle, the Centennial Fellowship is open to ongoing projects that fit the cohort theme of the intersection of higher education and the refugee or displaced persons experience.


Can two Fulbright alumni apply together for a joint project?

Yes, you can apply with a joint project. However, due to our application system all participants will need to submit individual applications. To be an eligible joint project your application must:

  • have the same project name
  • mention your partner’s name in the project abstract
  • have the same project plan and budget
  • be prepared to open a joint/project bank account to receive the funding.

When am I considered an eligible Fulbright alumni?

After completing their Fulbright experience, all alumni receive communication from the Fulbright Program recognizing them as alumni. If you completed your experience or had your experience interrupted due to COVID-19, but received this communication from the Fulbright program, you are eligible. 


Does this include existing initiatives already being supported by the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund? 
No. This is a completely separate program from the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund. For more information about this important program, please visit https://www.scholarrescuefund.org/
Can the project focus on students or faculty? 
The 2022 - 2023 theme, the intersection of higher education and the refugee or displaced persons experience, is meant to encompass the full range of stakeholders related to higher education, including high schoolers seeking to attain higher education, undergraduate/graduate students, faculty,  staff, and administrators. 


Can my project be done in collaboration with another organization?

You must be the PI for the proposed project and not an employee or volunteer for the organization. The exception is if the organization is an organization that you founded or lead that is directly connected to the execution of the proposed project. For example, Paige Balcom founded Takataka Plastics and her 2019-2020 IIE Centennial Fellowship project was to establish the organization and its physical presence in Uganda.


What can be included in my project budget?

Your budget will be entirely dependent on your proposed project and the associated costs, it may include direct costs (materials, travel, employee wages, etc.) and indirect costs (living stipend, institutional overhead, fringe costs, etc.)  as outlined in your proposal and agreed upon with your IIE Centennial Fellows Advisor. Significant modifications in the budget must be approved by the IIE Centennial Fellowship Advisor. In the budget portion of the application, there is a budget template that we encourage you to use. 


Do I need to take a leave of absence from my education/job to participate in the IIE Centennial Fellowship?

No, you can participate in the fellowship while still working or being a full-time student.


Can I apply if I am also using a different grant to fund my project?

Yes, the IIE Centennial Fellowship can be used in addition to other funding. 


Where does my recommender submit their letter?

When you list them on your application, they will receive an email with instructions and a link to upload it directly into your application. We cannot accept letters that are not attached to your application, so please ensure your recommender has received the email. You will get a notification when they have completed this step.


How many recommendations can I submit?

You can only have one recommender registered in the application portal. If they are unable to submit before the deadline, you are able to change your recommender within the application portal.


I have completed the preliminary questions and am eligible, but I am not able to proceed with the application. What can I do to fix this?

On the preliminary questions page, please ensure that you have selected an answer to "I would like to be considered for..." even if the only option is the IIE Centennial Fellowship. Once that is selected, please save the application and you should see the rest of the application populate.


I would like to set up a phone call to discuss my questions.

Unfortunately, we have received hundreds of applications and inquiries and cannot speak with every interested applicant. Please email us at IIECentennialfellows@iie.org as you encounter questions.