"To rescue scholars is to rescue the future."
– Dr. Henry Kaufman, IIE Chairman Emeritus and IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Co-Founder

IIE-SRF fellows receive a grant of up to $25,000, individual health insurance, and staff assistance towards arranging a visiting position and academic, family, and other support during the fellowship year. At their host institutions, fellows may conduct research, teach courses or lead seminars, guest lecture, serve as informal advisors to students, or contribute to existing projects. Hosting institutions sponsor the scholar’s visa, and they are generally required to provide “matching” support of equal or greater value to the IIE-SRF fellowship grant, which can be through a combination of salary and direct support that would make the scholar’s compensation comparable to other visiting faculty positions

Academic institutions benefit from hosting IIE-SRF scholars in several ways:
  • Unique expertise and perspective from an international scholar
  • Internationalization and diversification of the host community
  • Extensive academic and background vetting of each fellowship recipient
  • Logistical and technical support for fellow's travel to the host
  • Support of the fellow and the host partner throughout the fellowship appointment
  • Advice on concerns as they may arise
  • Access to the IIE global network of partnering institutions
  • Opportunities for media recognition for efforts to offer safe haven to threatened scholars
  • Ability to participate in IIE efforts to raise awareness of issues impacting higher education globally

  • Learn more and become a host partner with IIE-SRF.